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Agape Pappas studied flamenco dance while living in Madrid but soon became immersed in the beautiful music and lyrics of tango, propelling her on a journey into Argentine Tango. Agape's 10-year background in acrobatics and tap dancing segued seamlessly into a dancing and teaching Argentine Tango. While living for extended periods in Buenos Aires, she studied intensively with master teachers.
Agape's performances and classes have captivated students and onlookers alike across the United States, Canada and Europe. Her style fuses a variety of influences with their own interpretive skills, all emphasized by the type of improvisation that comes from a deep connection between partners. This connection is reflected in a teaching style that emphasizes the importance of walking, balance, focus, musicality, and technique that involves leading with the heart in both close and open embrace. The result, as seen in her performances, is a style imbued with a deep understanding of technique, a willingness to take risks, and a palpable sense of joy.